Installing and pointing a satellite dish

Pointing the dish to a satellite (5/6)

Wich satellite should you point the dish to?

It depends. You should have a view at lyngsat to find out what satellite is the most interesting for you. Then, you can download this small app, Satellite Finder or visit Dishpointer to get the azimut, elevation and polarisation.

Well, it is time to point your dish.

You need three pieces of information : azimut, elevation and LNB polarization / skew.


This is the dish position in respect to north. It is mesaured in degrees.

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This is the satellite signal beam inclination that reaches the dish. It is measured in degrees. To adjust it, you must have a look at the numbers on the rear side of the dish.

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Polarisation / LNB Skew

The polarisation is the LNB rotation in respect to floor. It is measured in degrees.

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All these pieces of information depend on two factors:

  • Your geographical location.
  • The position of the satellite you want to point to.

A practical case, pointing to Astra satellite in Madrid (Spain)

I have found out the three pieces of information in this page.

Azimut, 147º

Firstly, let's move the dish using the right azimut. Print this image or PDF.


Mark azimut (147º)

Locate north with the compass, and turn the piece of paper until the two "norths" are lined up.

Turn the dish according to the mark in respect to the center.

Elevation, 38º

Let's elevate the dish. Skew the dish until the right position is reached, looking at the numbers and nut on the dish support.

Polarisation, 25 º

Use the piece of paper that you printed before.

If the polarisation value is negative, you must turn back the piece of paper.

Well, it is done.

You must do the final adjustments using the receiver's signal strength indicator. You must modify the previous dish positions, very precisely and smoothly, until optimal signal quality is obtained.

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