How to connect a PC to and old TV, using a SCART cable

If you already have your PC connected to a TV with the S-VIDEO cable or through a composite cable, this SCART cable will improve considerably the image quality.


This howto is only for people who wants to connect their PCs to old CRT TVs (you know, the huge and heavy ones)

It only works using ATI graphic cards (7500 model and newer)

Make sure that your TV supports RGB signals through the SCART cable. Check your TV manual.

Needed parts

Ati Radeon graphic card, 7500 model and newer Ati Radeon
VGA connector (male) Conector VGA macho
SCART (male) Euroconector
3,5 mm stereo jack jack 3,5 mm
3 m cable (12 wires)
1 m stereo audio cable (2x2 wires)

Mounting scheme

Esquema general del cable VGA-TVA

  1. PC with Ati Radeon 7500 (or newer model), with PowerStrip installed
  2. VGA (male)
  3. 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  4. Audio cable (2x2 wires)
  5. 12 wires cable
  6. Scart (male)
  7. Old TV

The connectors

Euroconector Euroconector This is where the wires will be soldered to
Euroconector Outer view
VGA connector
Conector VGA conector vga This is where the wires will be soldered to
Vista exterior del conector VGA Outer view
3.5 mm audio stereo jack
Jack 3,5 mm estéreo


  1. Left
  2. Right
  3. Mass


VGA connector and 3.5 mm audio connector   SCART
Conector VGA 1 conecta a 15 Euroconector
2 conecta a 11
3 conecta a 7
6 conecta a 13
7 conecta a 9
8 conecta a 5
10 conecta a 17
13 conecta a 20
jack 3,5 izquierdo Left conecta a 6
jack 3,5 derecho Right conecta a 2
jack 3,5 masa Mass conecta a 4
Esquema general del cable VGA-TVA

SETUP PowerStrip

Connecting the cable is not enough. We need PowerStrip. Let's configure it.

Follow this steps with a common PC monitor.

  1. Download the PowerStrip trIal version
  2. Install it on Windows. Reboot.
  3. Launch PowerStrip
  4. Go to the PowerStrip icon which is it the tray. Choose Monitor profiles -> Configure
    Paso 4
  5. Click on Advanced timer options
    Paso 5
  6. Press Customized resolution button
    Paso 6
  7. Select the following text line and copy it to the clipboard 720x576=720,42,72,134,576,3,28,18,15125,41
  8. Go back to the PowerStrip dialog and click on the Paste icon
    Paso 8
  9. Press on Add new resolution
  10. A dialog asking you to reboot will show up. Press OK and reboot.
  11. Right click on PowerStrip tray icon, and choose Monitor profiles -> Configure
    Paso 11
  12. Choose 720x528 resolution
    Paso 12
  13. Press on Apply and connect the TV with our SCART cable.

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